pink-588734-mThe transition from little girl to young woman may outwardly appear to happen overnight.

Internally it is a much longer and complex process.

There are conflicting messages all around us as to what is valuable and attractive in women.

Teen girls are a particularly vulnerable population group as they are at a time in their lives when everything and everyone around them is changing, including themselves.

External forces such as school, friends, social media, magazines and movies often create a great deal of pressure for young women to try to “measure up.” When they don’t feel this is happening they can resort to coping mechanisms that are hurtful to their minds and bodies.

I approach clinical work with teen girls from a relationship perspective. Our time together will be spent in building a loving and accepting relationship with self.

This process will address a myriad of issues including body image, friends, anxiety and depression, school success and family relationships.

I teach coping skills to deal with day to day challenges. I utilize homework assignments, art therapy, journaling and other modalities in working with young women to recognize themselves as lovable people who have only just begun their life adventures.

Successful interpersonal relationships begin with an accepting relationship with self. Our work together will include both individual work and family sessions with parents and siblings as deemed necessary.