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Couples Counseling requires a skill set and clinical perspective unique from that of individual work.

Your couple relationship becomes the client and my job is to identify and address interaction patterns that are responsible for the physical and emotional distance between you and your partner.

This distance has created a disconnect between you and your spouse. Distance causes partners to shy away from talking about difficult subjects because conflict is so uncomfortable. Most of all, distance leaves partners without answers to their deepest questions:

Do you truly love me? Are you there for me? Do you have my back?

I approach couple work with an assessment of what’s creating this painful distance in the relationship. I teach you the skills necessary to close this gap and reach out for one another with meaningful words and gestures.

I will teach you how to talk about difficult subjects!

These new ways of “being a couple” create opportunities for healing and growth and have great power to redefine any love relationship. I will challenge you as a couple to move forward in authoring your own resilient love story.

It is my core belief that interpersonal relationships are best when we have a loving and accepting relationship with ourselves. Therefore, our work together will most likely be comprised of individual and couple work.


Couples Breakthrough Sessions



Do you and your spouse keep returning to the same issues? Are you feeling as if nothing will ever change?

I offer 3-4 hour intensive couples therapy sessions for those who are ready to get unstuck and want to reignite their relationship.

This is also a wonderful option for those traveling from out of town or any couple ready to step out of the day-to-day routine and see things in a new light.

Weekend appointments available.